PHILCO 37-670X - Misc
PHILCO 37-670X - Misc
PHILCO 37-670X - Misc
PHILCO 37-670X - Misc
PHILCO 37-670X - Misc

PHILCO 37-670X

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This is a 1936 Philco 36-760X radio. When purchased, none of the original electronics were functional. IThe paper speaker cone rotted and the grill cloth almost nonexistent, but the cabinet appeared in decent condition. I hand sanded it for about 28 hours down to the wood veneer. The original dial was too faint to read, so I purchased a replica and one knob to round out the aesthetics.

As you can see in the photographs, Philco did an excellent job of “book-matching” all the highly figured veneer. The contrasting veneers are symmetrical on both sides of the cabinet and book-matched on the top panel. I used a dark walnut color to highlight the trim. There are three coats of finish protecting the wood. Unlike the original cabinet with the back wide open, I added a back panel with a fused on/off switch, protecting both the user and the electronics. I didn’t like the original dark mustard color of the little grill remaining cloth, so I used an acoustically transparent burgundy grill cloth. The burgundy provides a nice complementary color to the natural wood finish.

Now for the electronics, and this is where this unit shines.

The puppy puts out just shy of 400 watts of clean audio power. A Bluetooth receiver serves as the input device for a digital signal processor (DSP). Using a DSP accomplishes two things. First, eliminate the energy loss and tweaking required with traditional crossovers. Second, the DSP enabled me to adjust the frequency spectrum to provide a well-balanced output across the entire audio spectrum. The DSP provides four clean signals into a low noise 4x100W amplifier driving the two independent tweeters and the two sets of paired mid-bass drivers. I balanced the outputs for both channels. The gain is programmed so as to protect all the drivers from damage, yet fill any room with plenty of sound. We lose the stereo effect because of the proximity of the drivers to each other being a few inches apart. But this is the same experience one has in a concert hall setting.

The drivers selected are four aluminum mid-bass drivers, two per channel, handling 80 watts (RMS), 160 watts (peak) per channel. They feature an efficient, low-distortion, neo-balanced motor combined with a rigid yet lightweight aluminum diaphragm, yielding impressive high-impact audio reproduction. This configuration helps in minimizing distortion at higher volumes. The Tymphany XT25BG60-04 tweeters feature a patented 90 watt dual concentric diaphragm and unique waveguide center plug providing an excellent on- and off-axis response. XT25-type tweeters have a natural sound with a smooth frequency response. Its tweeter dual chamber design and absence of ferrofluid results in a low resonance frequency, providing an excellent extension of the tweeter’s low end.

The true test for a good speaker is how well it sounds. Does it sound as if the performance originates within the listening space? The answer, a definitive yes! The lows are rich, clean, and clear, and the highs are crisp without being harsh or too bright. When optimally positioned, this speaker will fill the house or any large room with an impeccable sound.

The purchaser must pay for crating, shipping, and insurance with a bonded carrier. Tilt and shock indicators must be applied to the crate and shipping must be insured. If you need help to arrange crating and freight, please let me know.

Shipping: The following options are available for getting this radio; we do not offer other shipping options because of the unacceptable risk of damage to the radio.
1. You or your designee can pick it up in Phoenix anytime within 3 months of purchase.
2. Free delivery within 100 miles of Phoenix.
3. You can contract directly with a blanket wrap shipper (e.g. U-Ship, Craters and Freighters, interstate household furniture mover) using the dimensions and weight below to get bids for door-to-door shipping at your expense from Phoenix (ZIP 85045, no stairs), but please be sure when obtaining bids to specify that their bid includes blanket wrap door to door shipping, fully insured. We will be happy to help you get bids for you upon request.
The actual dimensions are 41" high x 25" wide x 16" deep.