And More??

In addition to designing and making custom pens, David also designs and fabricates custom audio speakers for home and home theater applications, and is an abstract artist (when not in the shop making speakers, pens and whatever his crazy imagination cooks up).
A project he just put the last touches on are this 1936, Philco Radio, model 37-670X. The electronics (which were beyond restoring) are replaced with a Bluetooth system capable of delivering a amazing sound, filling any large room in the house.
Philco 36-760x
When not making pens, designing and building speakers, he writes and paints. Below is one of his cubic works.
In the next few months, David will offer beautiful turned bowls. The one below is  made of either African Blackwood or some type of ebony. Whatever the species, a simple friction finish polished the bowl like glass, not needing lacquer or any polymer finish.
His imagination never stops! One of the next projects on the list is turning this live-edge wood into tables. 


Stay tuned to see what creative things he comes up with next.