I have 2 pens by David and have purchased another as a gift. The quality, balance and craftsmanship in David’s pens is simply second to none. Several years ago, I fractured some bones in my writing hand in a ski accident and I require a writing instrument that is comfortable in my hand to be able to write for long periods, and these pens are perfect. 

Over the years I have collected pens by Mont Blanc, Recife, and even Movado and none are as comfortable or well-balanced to write with as the pens that were crafted by David. My biggest issue is interruptions by people asking me where I purchased my pen.

I would recommend these writing instruments to anyone.

Kevin W., Scottsdale, AZ, 2/19


I had one of David’s beautiful pens given to me for Christmas, and I was thrilled to have it and give it a try. I am a typical Bic pen girl, so I didn't realize how nice it would be to write with a quality instrument.  The weight of the pen feels nice in my hands and is really nicely balanced.  I struggle with arthritis in my hands, but using the pen David made for me definitely helps.  It doesn't necessarily make sense, but picking up such a beautiful writing utensil to compose something is a real pleasure.  I highly recommend Pens by David. You will be very pleased with the end product.

Lori S., Gilbert, AZ, 2/19


David built a custom-made, handcrafted fountain pen for me that my wife ordered for my birthday.  I got to choose each element of the pen (color, shape, design, tip type, etc.) and even held the raw material before he shaped it into the beautiful pen it is today.  It came out even better than I expected, and I love using it. He even hand-delivered it and included extra replacement ink cartridges and a handy carrying case for the pen and ink cartridges. He and his wife were so personable and friendly and it was an absolute pleasure working with them.  I highly recommend his services if you want a high-quality pen!

Brian H., Chandler, AZ, 4/19


I am rather particular when it comes to writing instruments.  I am not only a user, but also a collector.  David refused to sell me a pen because it had a blemish.  I was OK with that, but David wasn't.  David ordered more parts and provided me with a perfectly designed and built pen in a couple weeks.  I will be purchasing more pens from him in the future for gifts for my employees. 

Anonymous, Tempe, AZ, 11/18 



Smooth and fun fountain pen: Pens are not supposed to be fun, but the nib on this pen is glides on paper and the barrel is beautiful. Customer service is friendly and shipping is fast. Thanks!

Gregory N., Walnut Creek, CA, 4/19